A new form of system-wide dark mode developed by Google canary


For quite a long time Google has been working on a system-wide dark mode in android Q, which also includes the Chrome browser of Google as well. As per the reports of 9to5Google Google had primarily been working on this system-wide dark mode for just the browser but now it has extended the system-wide dark mode to also the webpages as well. Thus hinting at the fact that the system-wide dark mode is just not kept limited to the browser interface only.

The new dark mode of Google is enabled through a new feature flag that activates the black mode preference in the browser’s engine. This feature of system-wide dark mode was anticipated that it would darken out the menu and the navigation bar and would render the original color of the web pages. But apparently the anticipation has been proved wrong, and the browser has been enabled to alter the design of the site and display it in a darker shade.

As per the statement provided by www.digit.in unlike the previous demos of chrome canary on the dark mode system, the new updated feature f system-wide dark mode renders just the content in the browser and not the UI.
According to statements of, www.androidpolice.com they had put the dark mode on a test and on opening a news article from their website, the background turned completely black and then turned to grey.

In order to enable this dark mode on one’s system, the individual needs to allow the dark mode in the latest build of Google canary and then toggle on the flag feature of Google canary called #enable -android-web-contents- dark-mode. Once this has been found by the user all one needs to do further is click on the drop-down button below the flag and then change it from default to enabled. After the completion of all these procedures chrome will then prompt the user to re-launch the application so that the changes that have been made can take effect.

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