WhatsApp group invites to cut the problem of unwanted WhatsApp notifications


WhatsApp is one of the most used social networking sites these days. The user-friendly communication process provided is what makes it popular. But when it comes to group chats, we often get irritated by the number of notification it gives and most importantly how we get added to the group in spite of our will.

Whatsapp decided to come up with a better solution for the users. They decided to include a new system in the upcoming beta version of Whatsapp for Android.

The new update aims to include a feature where users will be flexible to control their opinion of getting added to the groups. From the option of Whatsapp Settings, the user has to click on Accounts, then Privacy and select the option named Groups. They will come across three options – Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. Under the first option, users can get added to any groups without receiving any invitation; the second option will help the user to get added in any of the groups added by his/her contacts and will receive invitations in case someone else wish to add him/her, and the last option will not allow the user to get directly added to the groups in any situation, he/she will receive a request every time someone wants to add him/her to a group.

The invitations will remain for 72 hours then it will get dismissed. Then another new invitation is required for the user to join the group, and also not more than one active member of the group is allowed to send the invitation.

The feature will be available for all users of WhatsApp TestFlight beta program and Android users. Though the time frame is not mentioned, still this update is expected to come soon in the play store.

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