YouTube to ban comments on videos to combat exploitation of children


Owing to critical circumstances that have led to the exploitation of minor children getting featured in YouTube videos, YouTube has decided to disable comments on videos featuring minor young children. YouTube intends to block comments of videos featuring minor children in of those belonging to the age bracket of under 13 years. It also intends to prevent comments on videos that also features children in the age bracket of 13 to 18 years as well. This step has been taken by YouTube so as to keep these young people safe from exploitations which comes in the form of abusive comments on the videos featuring them.

The step was taken by YouTube to disable comments of videos featuring minor people came into force after a video blogger documented the way by which pedophiles share the time stamps of sexually suggestive moments. In response to the report on pedophiles, YouTube has already removed millions of such comments on videos involving minors.

According to In spite of formulating policies to protect the children from exploitation, YouTube had to face criticism from a member of Congress which claims that YouTube has not taken any firm step to stop the above contents in its website.
As per a statement in, YouTube would use the technique of artificial intelligence called machine learning to identify and select videos featuring minor children, thereby blocking the comments for such videos.

Though YouTube’s parent company, Google is considered to be a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine earning, YouTube has still not achieved cent percent success in using these advanced technologies to keep offensive content off its platform. Though many times YouTube has used the technique of artificial intelligence to classify videos and identify the contents, the system has received mixed results and till now has not been able to achieve cent percent success in the control of offensive video content.

Source: Google Blog

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