Voi technology gets an additional raise of #30 million for its e-scooter rental start up


Voi technology, a Europen e-scooter rental startup has managed to get an additional investment of $ 30 million for its e-scooter rental startup. This investment of $ 30 million is an addition to the $50 million that it had managed to raise last month. Voi technology had carried out its fund-raising events in two phases for its e-scooter rental startup. In the first phase, many investors made their investments in European technology to the amount of $ 50 million. As compared to the first round of fundraising, the second phase of fundraising event of Voi technology saw more investors and hence more investment, but the second phase of fundraising event increased significantly very late than the first phase.

In the second phase of the fundraising event of Voi technology, the European company was aided by both new as well as new investors who made a considerable amount of contribution into its e-scooter rental start-up.

According to the reports of www.tataydigong.info, companies such as Vostok new Ventures, LocalGlobe, Balderton Capital and Raine Ventures, Project A and Creandum are the ones who made their contributions in the e-scooter rental startup of Voi technology. Project A and Creandum are the new investors of Voi technology into its e-scooter startup, while the other four companies are the existing investors of Voi technology.

As per the statements made in www.inventiva.co.in, www.tataydigong.info a number of angel investors had also made their investments in the e-scooter rental start-up of Voi technology. These angel investors include the famous name of Cristina Stenbeck, Jeff Wike, Sujay Jaswa, Sujay Tyle, Deigo Piacentini, Christian Leone, Keith Richman, Justin Mateen, and Spencer Rascoff.

In this era of increasing pollution ad burden on the environment, Voi technology has launched its e-scooter rental startup with the primary aim of reducing pollution and also to reduce the consumption of electricity as well.

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