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Cows and bulls have been searching for “moo love” and now, a mobile app will be able to help their breeders with the same.

A UK farming start-up has introduced a Tinder-style app, known as Tudder, which will allow farmers to find breeding matches after viewing the pictures of cattle in addition to details of their age, location, and owner. Users will hear a mooing sound when they swipe-right which shows that they are interested and left if they reject the possible matches.

Hectare, the designer of the app, said- “It looks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates. Selling animals with the help of social media will help speed up the process which often involves transportation of animals to long distances for breeding.

Tudder is a new swipe-led matchmaking app for animals and it will help them find their UK find breeding partners as moo love.

Farmers who swipe right on the image of a particular cow, or group of cows will be directed to Hectare’s livestock-buying website, wherein they get a chance to contact the owner of the cows and make an offer. The listing website will have information of the animal’s character as well as its health issues (if any).

Profile descriptions can range anywhere between “nice big strong sorts make nice suckler cows” to “quiet well grown young bull which is ready to work,” and farmers will also be able to restrict their online search by filtering out whether or not the animal is organic, pedigree or on a farm wherein tuberculosis has been detected.

Marcus Lampard, one of the farmers in Carmarthenshire in southwest Wales, has a pedigree beef shorthorn breeding bull which has been listed on the app and said that it is much easier to sell livestock online.

Over the telephone, he said- “Going to market is a big nuisance. If I go to an open market with a bull, and then bring it back, it will shut down everything on the farm for a good two weeks. At my age, we think we are quite techy, but our grandchildren consider us hopeless.

Lampard, aged 76, said that his daughter has listed down the cows online for him.

Hectare has raised more than GBP 3 million (approximately $3.9 million) from investors which include government programs, author Richard Koch and tennis player Andy Murray.

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