US Might be Aat Loss if they Don’t Pick up Pace with China’s AI Technology

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US companies are all set with their pilot projects which use AI, and their Chinese comrades have been scaling their initiatives already. 

In Davos presentation, “The Geopolitics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it was bluntly stated that China was on track in taking up the commanding heights of AI as well as the fact that the consequences could be historic in nature.

Countries which are the most innovative and technologically advanced end up dominating international relations.

Having learned from history what it needs to be the global leader, the Chinese are determined to dominate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will be marked by breakthroughs in the world of technology which includes artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and quantum computing.

To achieve such a position, he has thrown his country’s entire energy behind AI research and development, thereby focusing work in the country’s growing ranks, intensively competitive entrepreneurs and start-ups. By the end of 2017, Chinese venture capital investors ended up pouring in much into AI startups which almost made up 48 percent of AI venture funding all over the world, which has surpassed the US for the first time.

Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman on a panel said- “When I go to China, there was an almost endless stream of people that showed up in developing new companies. This venture business of China in AI-oriented companies has been exploding with growth.

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, spoke regarding the rise of AI power and gave a nod to the more international coordination in the oversight of technology. Much of the West has been worried that AI’s potential could be authoritarian surveillance, but said nothing regarding the privacy and went on to say that every country should be free to set their own policies.

Mr. Wang said-We need to respect the independent choices which are used as models of technology management and public policies that would be made by countries.

More harmful is the Trump administration’s absence during the discussion of international data governance norms before the launch of the G20. It would leave lasting damage if the US doesn’t go beyond their small actions against the Chinese tech competitors in advancing to a national campaign with the aim of mastering the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It took a Soviet satellite by the name Sputnik in 1957, which was the first ever in space, to wake up America’s animal spirits and spur their competitive streak. The challenge to US leadership has remained more sophisticated, resourceful and advanced.

The failure of the US in responding to such AI technologies could damage US interests for decades to come and might as well accelerate the decline of US global leadership.

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