Hybrid Air Vehicles – Will Not Use the ‘Flying Bum’ Prototype Airship

Hybrid Air Vehicles, based in Bedfordshire in central England, will no longer produce the ‘Flying Bum’ prototype airship. The company feels that the Airlander 10 prototype has done its part, and now it is time to move on with other production models for the passenger and cargo areas.

A few years ago, Hybrid Air Vehicles, took the world by surprise when it launched the Airlander 10, which is a lighter version of the airship designed instead of aircraft. The Guardian says the company will not launch the prototype again.

With few grants coming from the UK government and the EU, six successful tests were carried out, not without the wrong reasons. In the year 2016, the aircraft was able to take off and land. However, in its second test, it was not successful.

According to Hybrid Air Vehicles CEO, Stephen McGlennan, he added that the Airlander 10, which was also known as the ‘Flying Bum’ due to odd appearance, was not required in its production lines because it has done its duty.

It was designed in the year 2010, by the US military. It was known back then, the long endurance multi-intelligence vehicle. This meant that the aircraft could remain on air without the need to land frequently.

That was the original idea. However, due to financial constraints, the project went bust with the US military and was eventually purchased by Hybrid Air Vehicles.

Hybrid Air Vehicles took a big gamble by buying a prototype model, with no certain future. The aircraft was made out of Mylar, carbon fiber, Kevlar. It was then filled with helium gas and with the help of the inbuilt diesel engine; it takes off using the steer for moving around.

They want to create the first batch of production models using the future development plans that they have. However, now, they are in search of suppliers and partners for their new program.

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